Bradley SaintJohn having received a Certificate of Completion in Advanced Farrier Training by Kwantlen University College in June of 2002 and has been shoeing horses for eight years, and, has a fine complement of clientele, that is well pleased with his work. From Miniature Horses and donkeys, through mountain pack teams, Jumpers, Dressage, Draught (Draft animals), Hunters, Eventers, American Saddlebred  and pleasure horses, Bradley takes the gentle approach Knowing that there are reasons a horse may be difficult. Bradley had apprenticed with Glen Dragan for six months each in two separate years. Glen works with many breeds, focusing on the Five Gaited Saddlebred horse. Bradley was to be the event Farrier in the spring at the 18th Show of the  "American Saddlebred Association of B.C." That was in 2003. Repeating '04 '05  and into '06.

Four years of shoeing gaited horses in the ring, and out, has been exhilarating, and Educational.

Short Biography

Spending summers, in his youth, at the ranch at Maple Creek Saskatchewan. Driving cattle, branding, gelding horses, and delousing cattle, and after years of desiring to be a blacksmith, Bradley got serious, and sold his live aboard 55í clipper-bow Ketch sail boat,  the "Beverly Anne M" and went to horseshoeing school for a year.

Bradley says:
Concerning the horse ". . . above all else, I like to see the horse made to be as comfortable as possible, and to move with an effortless gait."


His Clients have said:

§ "My horse has never, in nine years of my ownership, moved so well"

§ "After your first visit, the trainer at our barn said, 'Cecil, Iíve never seen Laddie move so well', thank-you for correcting him"

§ "He approaches his work with a great deal of professionalism, and has quickly gained the confidence of several of our more difficult horses. I would have no hesitation in recommending his Farrier Services"


Services include:

◊ Hot & Cold Shoeing

◊ Heart & Bar Shoes

◊ Flat & Wedge Pads

◊ Flat, Rolled, & Rocker Shoes

◊ Clips, Studs, or chalks

◊ Mini to Draft Horses

◊ Analysis & Advice on Keeping your Horse of Sound Foot

◊ Giving your Horse only what your Horse Needs

◊ A Willingness to Address your personal concerns



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